Day 3:  Sunday, 1998-06-28:

I was on the road just after 5:30 AM.  Unfortunately, things didnít go much faster through the rest of Montana.  There are only two seasons up in the far north, winter and the Fourth of July, and you can guess which one is the road repair season.  So while itís true that I would have liked to have gone 100 MPH all day on the Interstate, the speed limit in construction zones is 45 MPH, and some of them went on for 20 miles or more.  I did get the satisfaction at one point, however, of flying right past a couple of Montana State Troopers with my cruise control on at 92 MPH, and not getting pulled over.  Thatís just nothing but a good feeling.

I went east on I-90 to Miles City, then east on US 12, where I learned that the rental car had an internal governor set to limit the speed to 108 MPH.  I crossed in to North Dakota (#7), and then at Bowman, turned south on US 85 in to South Dakota (#8).  At Belle Fourche, I did a short out-and-back on US 212 to get Wyoming (#9).  From there, I went east on I-90 most of the way across South Dakota.  I turned south on US 81 and then did a short out-and-back over the bridge on the south side of Yankton to get Nebraska (#10).  Then I went north on US 81, then east on SR 46, then north on I-29, then east on US 18 to Iowa (#11), then north on SR 182, east on SR 9, then north on US 75 back up to I-90 in Minnesota (#12) then east in to Wisconsin (#13).  Being behind schedule, I skipped the hotel and at 2:00 AM took a two-hour nap at a highway rest stop near Lyndon Station.

The tally for the day was 7 states and 1,517 miles (A record?  Surely someone in the EMC has done better).

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