Day 4:  Monday, 1998-06-29:

Just after 4:00 AM, I woke up and got moving again.  I took I-90 all the way down in to Illinois (#14) and passed through Chicago during morning rush hour.

As I waited in traffic, I looked over at commuters who were grim and exhausted, heading to work on a Monday morning.  It occurred to me that each of our immediate lifestyles was an affront to the other.

Staying on I-90, I went east in to Indiana (#15), then north for an out-and-back on SR 9 for just a quarter mile to get Michigan (#16).  From there I continued on I-90 east to Ohio (#17), where I went through Cleveland at lunchtime, then Pennsylvania (#18), and New York (#19).

Upstate New York was the other really beautiful part of my trip.  Traveling east on I-90 in early July found the area fairly green and full of life.  I grew up in New Jersey and had forgotten how much I missed a lush, green summer.  By contrast to California, which has a Mediterranean climate (hot, dry summers, cool, wet winters), the east has fairly steady rain throughout the year.  With the sun going down over western New York, and with my feeling like I was making enough progress to pull this off, things were looking up.

I finally slept in a Best Western in Weedsport, NY, after driving 2,397 miles since the last hotel in Butte, Montana.

The tally for the day was 6 states and 880 miles.

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