Day 5:  Tuesday, 1998-06-30:

I was on the road before 5:00 AM.  I followed on I-90 east to Albany, where I picked up I-787 north and then SR 2 east and crossed in to Massachusetts (#20).  I then very quickly did and out-and-back loop north on US 7 to catch Vermont (#21).  Then back on SR 2 east to Greenfield, I-91 north to pick up east SR 2 / US 202 again, then all the way to I-495 north to I-95 north in to New Hampshire (#22), then a quick out-and-back loop in to Maine (#23).  Thus Id completed the second leg of the trip (of four), getting to the far northeast corner of my driving route.

I then headed south for the first time, with my foot firmly on the gas, aiming for Florida.  I went south on I-95, looping around Boston, took the I-295 loop around Providence, Rhode Island (#24), followed I-95 down through Connecticut (#25), New York City (across Manhattan on the Cross Bronx Expressway and the George Washington Bridge during evening rush hour), in to New Jersey (#26), where I stayed on I-95 until I got on the NJ Turnpike, over the bridge in to Delaware (#27), where I got back on I-95, and in to Maryland (#28).  I looped around Baltimore on I-695 and then caught I-70 west up to Hagerstown, then I-81 south, in to West Virginia (#29) and Virginia (#30).  I finally got a hotel 15 miles north of Roanoke, Virginia, after driving through twelve states in one day.

The tally for the day was 11 (new) states and 1,162 miles.

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