Day 9:  Saturday, 1998-07-04:

At least I was back in the same state that I need to be in for my afternoon flight.  I was just hoping I didnít have any sort of mechanical breakdown that would prevent me from making it.  I continued on I-40 to Barstow, then SR 58 west to I-5 north, then SR 152 over the Pacheco Pass to SR 101 north back to my apartment in San Jose.  I was a little ahead of schedule, so I took a short nap, then got back in the car and headed north on SR 101 to the airport.

I caught a 2:00 PM flight to Honolulu, Hawaii (#49), where I took a cab out to Waikiki Beach, where I realized that I had forgotten to bring my swimming trunks.  I dashed in to one of the ubiquitous local tourist stores and bought a pair of Hawaiian board shorts and a towel and changed in their storeroom.  I swam for an hour, bobbing in the warm water and watching the surfers.  I thought long and hard about moving there and just surfing all day.  Nothing soothes the tremors of road fever better than a soak in the warm, clear waters of the Pacific.  But I had a plane to catch!  I changed back in to my clothes in the tourist store, and then had dinner in a hotel.  I saw that they were shooting off fireworks down at the next beach.  It reminded me that it was the Fourth of July.  But then I remembered that Hawaii had become part of the U.S. over a hundred years after the revolution and several generations after the War of 1812.  It seemed strange that Hawaii would be shooting off fireworks to celebrate the American Revolution when they had clearly missed the event by a hundred years and many thousands of miles.  I then took a cab back to the airport for the 8:30 PM flight back to San Francisco.

The tally for the day was 1 state and 524 (driving) miles.

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