Day 11:  Monday, 1998-07-06:

I was up at 6:00 AM, got ready for work, drove in and arrived at my desk before 8:00 AM.  My week’s vacation was over.  Having not told anybody what my plans for the week had been, almost no one asked where I’d gone during my week off.  For those that did, I replied, “Oh, I went for a drive”.  They nodded their heads and went back to work.

Later that week I had lunch with some friends.  I bet them the lunch bill that they couldn’t name five U.S. States of which I hadn’t been to at least three of them the previous week.  I had the chicken and a cold beer and told the story of my adventure to their disbelieving ears.  “You’re nuts.”, they said.  “Anybody for dessert?”, I offered.

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