Other People Named Barry Stiefel

There are several other people findable on the Internet named "Barry Stiefel".  This page may help you to tell us apart.  Updates to this information are always welcome at bjstiefel (at) InformationEngine (dot) com.

1.  Barry Jay Stiefel (Me):

I'm originally from New England.
I live and work in San Francisco, California.
I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from University of California at Davis.
I'm the founder and President of Information Engine, Inc., and specialize in computer and internet security.
I'm also the founder and President of CPUG: The Check Point User Group.
My personal web site is at www.BarryStiefel.com.
My e-mail address is bjstiefel (at) InformationEngine (dot) com.

2.  Barry Louis Stiefel:

From Ann Harbor, Michigan
Undergraduate degree from Michigan State University
Graduate degree from University of Michigan
Urban planner, Genealogist
E-mail:  bstiefel@yahoo.com

3.  Barry Allen Stiefel:

Lives in Potomac, Maryland
Attorney and Entrepreneur
President and Founder of Secure Connections, L.L.C.
Work:  bas@secureconn.com
Personal:  bstiefel@comcast.net

4.  Barry Abraham Stiefel:

Chief Executive of Meridian VAT Reclaim, Ireland
Carlyle Corporate Services, London

5.  Barry Stiefel:

Chief Executive Officer
One To One Marketing (UK)

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